Towards a More Intelligent Tomorrow

AI Dojo is the pioneering Artificial Intelligence hub in Iraq aiming to enrich the Iraqi tech eco-system by introducing artificial intelligence to both potential employees and local companies through activities like holding AI training bootcamps, doing workshops, reaching out to universities, and offering AI software solutions to various companies. Learn More.

What We Do

Training & Education

We implement several training and educational activities like holding intensive training bootcamps that empower trainees to be competent at developing and maintaining AI-based software solutions, and conducting workshops that aim to spark interest in the field of AI and offer tools to start learning it in the most efficient way.

Consultation Services

As part of our vision to facilitate and reinforce the use of Artificial Intelligence in the ecosystem, we offer consultation sessions to local companies that are either using or planning to use AI in their work, which gives companies the help and direction they need to integrate AI in their workflow in the best manner.

Raising Awareness

Our awareness raising activities aim to clear out common misconceptions people have about AI and emphasize the ways in which AI offers efficient solutions to our most pressing problems, and these activities include posting educational content on social media and public and private university outreach.